Back to 97! (2017)

Family, Comedy | 99 Min

Movie Info

  • Director: Zeca BRITO
  • Genres: Family, Comedy
  • Country: Brazil
  • Language: Brazilian Portuguese


“The Pink Apron”tells the story of Alice, a lonely and financially struggling 50-year-old woman who cares for terminally ill patients. Alice works as a caregiver in a luxury private hospital, where she earns her money, and as a volunteer in poor hospitals, where she dedicates, without pay, her love and compassion for the others. 

Through her day-to-day life at different hospitals, Alice will engage with amazing patient stories

Through her emotional life journey, hallways and hospital rooms, in the solitude of her personal life and in her encounters and disenchantments, Alice will gradually find her self-esteem, her inner brilliance, and the strength to move forward against new challenges.

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Family, Comedy

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